Blackboard YouTube Mashup Issue

Please be advised.

An issue has been discovered that may affect your Blackboard Community. The issue is related to the YouTube Mashup Building Block.
It has been reported that users are unable to create YouTube Content using the YouTube Mashup Building Block. Unfortunately this is a bug within Blackboard with no current fix/patch. Blackboard has stated they are aware of the issue and their plan is to correct the issue in a future release or patch.

A possible alternative to using the YouTube Mashup tool is to embed the YouTube video. See steps below:

Before proceeding copy the URL of the YouTube Video you would like to embed from YouTube’s site.

1.      Under Content
a.       Select Build Content
b.      Select Create Item
c.       Give the item a name
d.      Select the Insert/Edit Embedded Media Button from  the toolbar

f.       A new window will appear - In the File/URL text box enter the URL of the YouTube video copied earlier
g.      Click Insert
h.      You will be returned to the previous screen where you can set additional settings
i.        Once you are satisfied with your settings Click Submit
j.        You will see the video on the content page, at this point you can play the video

If your institution utilizes the YouTube Mashup building block please relay this information to your user community.
Once an update to address this issue is released from Blackboard we will notify all and put a plan in place to apply the update during a maintenance window.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions please let us know.

Inline Grading does not open Student Submission

When clicking on Attempt, the inline grading tool does not show the student submission.  Instead, the message "Loading...please wait while we render this file" appears and the file never loads.  This happens if the file name of the student submission has an apostrophe in it.  Instructors can force the rendering by clicking on the file name to the right of the message.  The file will then open.

Discussion Posts disappear

After publishing a post to the discussion board, the user cannot see his or her post.  This may be due to a filter.  First, be sure you are viewing the forum in List view, rather than Tree view.  While in root directory for the forum, click on the Display button and be sure "Published" is selected.  The other options, for example "Saved", act as filters, so the entire published forum/threads are not shown.

Inline Grading - downloaded PDF cannot be opened and read.

When downloading an annotate PDF using the Inline Grading tool, the downloaded file cannot be opened or read.  The file is appended with a second three letter extension.  Once removed, so that only the .pdf extension remains, the file should open.

Inline Grading - Download may not work correctly on MACs

When downloading assignments from the Inline Grading, the download button may not work on a MAC.  This appears to be dependent on which operating system is used.

Due Date Calendar repeats dates

When setting up due dates for content, the calendar may display repeat dates, for example two days labeled September 1.

--Internet Explorer (IE) incompatibility issues with Blackboard

Blackboard users using the Internet Explorer (IE) browser may encounter compatibility issues.  For better compatibility, use the Firefox browser instead.  Find it here to download (click the big green button to download and install):