--Internet Explorer (IE) incompatibility issues with Blackboard

Blackboard users using the Internet Explorer (IE) browser may encounter compatibility issues.  For better compatibility, use the Firefox browser instead.  Find it here to download (click the big green button to download and install): http://www.mozilla.org.

--Pasting text into Blackboard

Using copy-and-paste to get text from Microsoft Word, the Internet, or other programs into Blackboard text boxes can cause several problems due to the fact that a lot of other information, such as formatting commands, is being copied and pasted along with the text. 
If possible, it's best to type directly into a Blackboard text box.  If you wish to copy and paste, you have a couple of choices that will help reduce the amount of information copied:
1. Paste first to a text Editor like Wordpad, Notepad, or TextEdit, then copy and paste that to Blackboard since these programs do not carry over any formatting. 
2. Using the Blackboard Word Mash-Up tool to paste text from a Word document.

--Collaboration Tools (Virtual Classroom and Chat) Not Supported

These tools are no longer fully functional and not supported. 
Please consider using WebEx instead to communicate with students over the Internet.  To get started with WebEx, go here: http://uhaweb.hartford.edu/mts/webex.html and find further information about using WebEx here under the heading Web Conferencing: http://hartford.edu/academics/faculty/fcld/learn_technology/ed_tech_instructions.aspx .

--PDFs will not open correctly in Blackboard when using Apple devices such as a Mac.

Recent changes to Safari and Apple are incompatible with the Acrobat plug-in.  

Try the following fix: On an Apple laptop or desktop, remove the file called "PDFViewer.plugin" from the Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder.

--After a Course Copy, Content Doesn't Copy Over

After performing a course copy from an old course to a new course, content does not appear in the new course. The course content is there, however, may be contained behind duplicate menu items found at the bottom of your course menu.  For instance, if you have a Course Documents menu item and click it to look for your copied content, it may be empty. Look further down your menu items to locate another menu item called Course Documents and click that one - you may find your content there. Simply delete the duplicate, empty menu items and drag the other menu items that contain your copied content to the desired place.