Security Certificate (https)

Blackboard recently upgraded its security certificate and the address now shows as https:// instead of http://.  As a result, videos that previously were listed as http:// for Ensemble, YouTube, etc., may have to have links updated to reflect the https://.  Instructors needing assistance, please contact the Faculty Center for Learning Development (FCLD) at 860-768-4256 or

Missing content in Blackboard

FCLD has received several support calls about Instructors unable to view course content. In most cases, clearing the browser cache and cookies has fixed this issue.  Instructors needing assistance, please contact the Faculty Center for Learning Development (FCLD) at 860-768-4256 or Students should contact the helpdesk at 860-768-4357 (on campus) and 844-292-3213 (off campus).

Blackboard Retention Center

As of summer 2015, the table data in the Blackboard Retention Center is not refreshing properly.  FCLD is working with Blackboard  on this and will notify users when it has been remedied.

Blackboard YouTube Mashup Issue (affects YouTube Mashup, Slideshare Mashup and VideoAnywhere tools)

The Problem
Google changed the way YouTube videos are searched and this change affects several of the mashup tools in Blackboard courses, including the YouTube Mashup tool, VideoEverywhere, and SlideShare. 

This problem impacts Blackboard instructors in several ways:
  • Blackboard instructors are no longer able to use the YouTube Mashup tool to add YouTube videos to courses and will have to use the Web Links tool instead.  Directions for doing so are included in this document.
  • Blackboard instructors are not able to log in and use the Video Everywhere tool.  Instead, they will need to log in directly to their YouTube account, record using the Webcam Capture tool, then use the Web Links tool to add the video to their Blackboard course.
  • Blackboard instructors using the Slideshare tool will not be able to preview videos prior to adding them to a course.
FCLD is currently working with Blackboard on a solution to fix these issues and once we have one, will send out notification to all faculty users of Blackboard, letting them know it has been fixed.

In the meantime, a workaround for embedding YouTube videos is outlined below.

First, copy the URL (web address) of the YouTube Video you would like to embed from YouTube’s site.  Here is how:
Navigate to and search for your video.
  1. Under the video, click the Share link.
  2.  Next, highlight the URL address in the share box, press CTRL + C to copy the link

      Next, in your Blackboard course, navigate to the content area you would like to put your video.

  1. Click the Build Content button.
  2. Select Web Link.

  1. In the Create Web Link window, give the item a name.
  2. In URL text box enter the URL of the YouTube video copied earlier (or press CTRL + V to paste).

  3. Enter a description if you like.
  4. Add a file under Browse My Computer if you choose.
  5. Once you are satisfied with your settings click Submit.
  6. Test out the video link to be sure it is working. 
Faculty with concerns or questions about this or any other Blackboard-related issues should contact the Faculty Center for Learning Development at (860) 768-4661 or

Inline Grading does not open Student Submission

When clicking on Attempt, the inline grading tool does not show the student submission.  Instead, the message "Loading...please wait while we render this file" appears and the file never loads.  This happens if the file name of the student submission has an apostrophe in it.  Instructors can force the rendering by clicking on the file name to the right of the message.  The file will then open.

Discussion Posts disappear

After publishing a post to the discussion board, the user cannot see his or her post.  This may be due to a filter.  First, be sure you are viewing the forum in List view, rather than Tree view.  While in root directory for the forum, click on the Display button and be sure "Published" is selected.  The other options, for example "Saved", act as filters, so the entire published forum/threads are not shown.

Inline Grading - downloaded PDF cannot be opened and read.

When downloading an annotate PDF using the Inline Grading tool, the downloaded file cannot be opened or read.  The file is appended with a second three letter extension.  Once removed, so that only the .pdf extension remains, the file should open.